We currently have over 50 staff (a mixture of full-time employees and contractors) providing specialised services to our clients. Most of our staff are experienced Project Managers, Business Analysts, Project Administrators, Facilitators and Coaches, many of whom are certified as Project Management Professionals (PMP’s) or hold specific project management or business analysis related qualifications (such as Registered PRINCE2 Practitioner). We also have in our employ a Master Coach who specialises in coaching and mentoring of project managers.

As a responsible Project Management Services provider, CPM invests in the growth and development of its staff in a number of ways:

  • Where individuals wish to further their knowledge, CPM sponsors the required training (such as MBA, PMP, Diploma in IS Project Management or Business Analysis and other relevant courses).
  • Where clients have specific requirements (for example knowledge of the PRINCE2 Project Management Methodology), CPM negotiates with the client for provision of the required training.
  • With regard to EE candidates, CPM enrols and sponsors the individual for the required training (such as a Project Administration or Project Management course).
  • Via the monthly one-on-one meetings with each staff member, as well as any additional meetings which may be required, CPM Management (certified Project Management Professionals) mentors its staff.
  • CPM also conducts collective training for all staff every two months.
  • We also sponsor staff attendance of PMSA (Project Management Institute of South Africa) monthly events.

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